Day 3

December 31st, 2016

New Years Eve in the City Town Square of Comayagua, Honduras

                What a great way to end the year in Central America, sharing culture, and making many new friends. We began the day watching a video titled Everday Creativity which went through 7 steps of creativity and problem solving. It gave us a new perspective to look at what creativity is and how to explore and develop our creativity for this project.

                Year End in Honduras is huge like in every country, however Honduras huge is very warm and personal. Two of our participants were performing for the Comayagua celebration in a Samba Band. Throughout the night there was music and dancing, jugglers and stilt walkers,food and a lot of laughter for the celebration. Edgars mom, Bianca, prepared an outstanding buffet for dinner consisting of tamalles, vegetables, tortillas, ribs, and chicken. On the way to the town square our group made stops to visit homes displaying their nativity scenes and ´old guy´ mannequins (ano nievo).

                As the year came to a close there were lots of noises and lights. As the countdown began excitement filled the air. The clock struck 12 midnight and the bells in the church began to ring, fireworks blalsted off into the sky, lights were blinding, spot light designs moved across the church, people cheered and offered New Year greetings. The air was filled with joy hugging one another in celebration for the New Year. People danced and laughed amongst friends and family. It was a pleasant sight to see and a wonderful expereince to be a part of all together. The mayor of Comayagua, Carlos Miranda Canales, invited us to the city towl hall for socialization and food. He has been working and investing into the youth here in the community, including our group.

                It was a festive night for us all enjoying each others company and ending the year on a good note! ¡Feliz ano nuevo! Happy New Year!