Day 2

Day 2 December 30th, 2016

Comayagua, Honduras

Today we spent the day involved in a variety of activities to strenthen out teams ability to work together and unite more as a group in preperation for the peace park project. We started the day hearing about how the project came about.  The morning was spent doing a problem solving and brainstorming activity. The mayor of Comayagua who was inspired by the idea to build a Peace Park has been helping us make it a reality. A lot of the people here in the community are helping us make the dream happen through various donations. It is great to see everyone contributing to make this project..

The afternoon was spent exlporing the central historic town in Comayagua. We first visited the famous clock called the Antiguo Reloj De La Catedral (The Old Cathedral Clock). It is the second oldest clock in the world and was constructed in the year of 1100. It was a great sight to see the clock and the great view the clock tower provided us. The next exciting activity we did was going on a bike tour. It was a bicycle built for seven - 7 bikes all attached to each other which made it an even more thrilling expereince. It was the first time the city ever offered this experience to anyone. We all had to work together to make the bikes move since they were all connected. Many of us were laughing and screaming as we road around on the streets. We thought we would fall off because of the many quick and sharp turns we made but we did not! Along the way we stopped at different historic sights. It was definitely a memorable experience for all of us!