Our PeaceIN Peace Park Project – phase 1 has successfully began:

December 29th, 2016

Participants from North America traveled to the colonial city of Comayagua as local participants traveled from the south meeting for the first time as a group. The country is now preparing for the New Years Celebration. One of the ways that is observed is the making of the human mannequin that is called the “Ano Viejo” (all year old guy). This mannequin is filled with fireworks that we look forward to seeing go off on New Years Eve! There is a bustle in the city as people are preparing for the year to end.

We began our orientation today getting to know one another by breaking the ice with games and coloring the mosaic on the back of the project T-shirts.  A group from north and central America agreed to dismiss the idea of borders and divisions from our minds and to adjust our thinking to the theme of ‘Una Sola America” (Only One America).