Day 4

Day 4: January 1, 2017


Comayagua to Tela


Traveling to Tela was a bumpy ride. We were able to get a bus donated to use for this trip that can fit over 30 people yet our group consists of only 15. The bus ride was a long 4 ½ hour drive but we were constantly surrounded by beautiful scenery and made the most out of it enjoying our trip together, taking pictures, listening to music, and sleeping. We passed by many mountains and hills, as well as a banana tree farm which looked like it would go on forever. Along the way we made multiple stops to stretch our legs and use the bathroom.

            We finally reached Tela, Honduras in the afternoon where we met with Raphael Ruiz, the president of the small town in Tela called ‘El Way’ (The Way). We met at the park where we will do our project. While we were there we measured the perimeter of the park and brainstormed ideas on how to construct and design the park. This park is at the center of the town connecting to five different neighborhoods. The idea is that this park can be the central meeting place for the town in order to bring them together.

            In the evening, we all came together to share the ideas we came up with and separated into two groups to format a blueprint of the park. It will take a 3-year period to construct the entire park which will consist of mosaic benches and floor, gazebo, garden, and a playground for the children. Tomorrow we will get started with cleaning up, prepping, and finalizing the designs for the mosaics.

            The park represents bringing people together from different neighborhoods but at the same time it is representing the solidarity of the Americas.