Day 6

January 3rd, 2017


Today's project was to clear out the dirt in the cracks of the cement. It was tough work using a hammer and chisel to break the cement. We spent the entire morning hammering away preparing the foundation for painting and mosaics. Two more TV stations came to visit to get interviews. Interest in our project is increasing. When we first arrived at the park there was little activity. But now since we have been working here people are gathering around the park inspired by the activites. Faces light up when we say, ''there is only one America' - any devision between the Americas exists in our minds, as fear or misunderstanding. One man came out to say thank you for your help. We responded saying ''we are working together with you, we are in this together'''Una Sola America'' (This is only one America), Neighbors came today with a tray of sandwhiches, another came with coke and water, and yet another brought a bag of bananas for us. People here are warm and welcoming. A lady from the mayors office came to visit after our work was complete for the day. She took us for a tour of a museum of Tela, explaining it's founding and develpment. After work we were again able to enjoy the beach and pool. Our day ended in shared reflection on our impact in this community and with prayer.