Upcoming PeaceIN Project

August 6 -20, 2019 


Honduras Peace Park Announcement

August 6 -20, 2019

Consider coming to Honduras to help create a peace park. The goal of the project is to create awareness for the need for a united community across the Americas. This is a project to foster friendship, collaboration and solidarity with the peoples of the Americas as we strive to develop a Culture of Peace. 

Highlight video January 2017: Click Here 

Update August 2017: Click Here

August 2018: we continued to make improvements to the El Way Peace Park that was started in January and August 2017.  We worked together with the local city government to build this park, and model a community of cooperation.
During the next project, we will: 

  • Refurbish concrete benches and structures with ceramic mosaics - using designs contributed from youth and students from the Americas

  • Landscape the lawn and garden areas

  • Hold a community gathering to celebrate our friendship and cooperation

  • Visit local cultural and tourist attractions

In addition, participants will have the opportunity to share in a culture different than their own and use creative problem solving while working in teams with volunteers from North, Central and South America.

Keep posted for updates for this next project Phase 2 - Part 2

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