Days 1 and 2

The initial meeting of the project group was an emotional one. Some were seeing each other after a long time and for others it was a moment of first impressions. Directly after the arrival of both groups, all of the participants went to a local restaurant to start relationships with one another an begin the basis of team building. After that dinner, everyone gathered under the housing center and a short orientation was held. The bonds that were formed at that dinner would prove to be important ones that would inspire cooperation and teamwork. After the last member arrived due to a flight delay, everyone went to sleep and prepared themselves for the project ahead.

The next morning began early with breakfast and a quick meeting to discuss what the group would be doing that day. After breakfast, everyone walked through Tela to the Mayor's office. At the Mayor's office, the members of the PeaceIN project were welcomed and collaboration was promised for the duration of the project. After the meeting at the Mayor's office, the participants walked through Tela to the Elway Peace Park. Here the group took many "before" pictures and began to envision what the final product could look like. After everyone got to see the park, they went back to the housing area and each person created a design for a mosaic that would be placed on each bench surrounding that park. Final designs were decided and the working day ended there. After this, everyone had dinner and then assembled for a short video viewing where they learned how it is possible to change a person's thinking. They then journaled and reflected on the experiences of the day. After this session, all of the members went to sleep and prepared themselves for the hard work ahead.